We are not waiting for it, but very occasionally we get complaints.

And that's a bummer. We want nothing more than for you to be satisfied with your purchase. If there's anything bothering you, if you're not happy, if we should have handled things differently, please let us know. We are just people, like everyone else. That means that sometimes something goes wrong. We never do it on purpose, but we do want to solve it together with you. We take complaints very seriously and you will receive a response from us no later than the next working day.

So; do you want to let us know why you are not satisfied; send a mail to:

[email protected]

Complaints that have not been addressed to our customer service department FIRST will not be processed. You can never file a complaint before you have spoken to one of our colleagues. So, do you have a question or a problem? Then this is not a complaint, but you can simply contact us via our Customer service page.

Not because it has to be, but a compliment will do us good.

Fishing for compliments, that's not nice. But we do our best to make softwareoutlet.com one of the best online shops. And we can say that we are very good (we are), but you can't say that about yourself. So: did we make you happy with your purchase, would you like to come back again, do you have something positive to say: bring it on!

We have created this e-mail address especially for you:
[email protected]

And on behalf of all of us: thank you very much in advance. Here, a bouquet of flowers, especially for you: