We sell many different software packages. It is not the case that digital software licenses can just be ordered digitally somewhere after which you receive a delivery in an email. No, this requires a digital licence safe. At Software Outlet, we have an unhackable, highly secure digital licence vault. In this vault we keep our stock and ensure that we can deliver your purchase to you immediately. Through monitoring, encryption and the highest security standards, we can guarantee that no one can simply gain access to this vault. But the great thing is, as the fastest and best, we can provide our own customers with their software licenses immediately, without being dependent on external parties.

On the product page you will see 'Direct download'. It doesn't get any faster than that. You can get straight to work, the delivery is really direct. Without delay.

You may also come across a product page where it says 'Available within 24 hours'. This means that we do not have it in stock in our safe, but we can still deliver it within 24 hours  (office hours). You will automatically receive a message from us as soon as we can deliver your order.

Sometimes you can also see that 'Available in 24-48 hours'. Then you will need a little more patience. We will always try to arrange the product key for you as soon as possible and here too you will be automatically notified as soon as we have the product key for you. We would like to have all products in stock but unfortunately this is not possible. We buy this license especially for you from the manufacturer. In most cases there is a delivery time because the license is delivered "by name". This way you can be sure that the license really belongs to you and that the manufacturer knows this too!

And last but not least you may (but very often you will not see that) come across 'Long delivery time (>48 hours)' on the product page. Also then we will work very hard for you to deliver the order as soon as possible but then you know that this takes a little more time. Occasionally we are dependent on other manufacturers where we have to buy from and we suffer from time differences (e.g. buying from the head office in the United States). The licence is registered directly in your name and then passed on to you. And no matter how fast we want to deliver, even if we would like to deliver in real time; occasionally we also have to be patient.