Our lowest price guarantee applies to almost our entire range. Unfortunately, we have had to exclude some products from participating in this lowest price guarantee: these are products that are often offered illegally or semi-illegally. The lowest price guarantee therefore does not apply to products that can be purchased once, but does apply to all subscriptions.

When comparing our offer with that of a competing provider, you should consider:

  1. An item offered for download or physical shipment;
  2. A new and unused licence;
  3. A product that can be put into service in accordance with the manufacturer's conditions;
    1. The mention of deviating conditions or an alternative activation instruction will result in an immediate rejection of our lowest price guarantee (for example, but not limited to, the use of telephone activation instead of the prescribed / regular activation) because such instructions often indicate illegal software.
  4. An item that is priced clearly and publicly: The sale price must be verifiable by Software Outlet;
  5. An article that can be delivered from stock (direct download or direct physical delivery within 48 hours);
  6. An article that is offered by a Dutch company;
  7. An article that is 1-on-1 comparable with Software Outlet (for example with regard to version numbers / versions);
  8. An article that is offered by a provider recognized as a partner by the manufacturer of the software;

The lowest price guarantee is valid until 7 days after the purchase date of the product and applies to regular and promotional prices. You can use the lowest price guarantee once. Do this by sending a (unedited) print screen of the competing offer with URL, product and price to [email protected]