The lowest price guarantee.

We check the prices of other providers of our software on a daily basis. If you see a lower price elsewhere (that is hardly possible?!), please contact us. We will adjust the price directly for you and we will compensate you to thank you for reporting it! 

You buy at Software Outlet because you are looking for legal software! In software country this is unfortunately no obviousness. But precisely because we want to promote legal offer, we make sure that price is a factor that makes you quit. We want to make sure that you never pay too much for your software, while you can still trust legitimate, quality software. Software Outlet buys its software directly from the source, guaranteeing quality. Precisely this combination of price and quality makes us the ideal supplier of your software! Want to know more about our lowest price guarantee? Then take a look at our conditions and an explanation of how it works.

It is important to know that at Software Outlet we only sell legitimate software, so we will not match offers that are clearly not 100% legal. We understand that this can sometimes cause disappointment, but of course it has to remain a level playing field.

TrustedShops insurance (up to 2500 EUR insured) on your order

To give you an extra piece of security to buy from us, we work with an insurance of 2500 EUR per order via Trusted Shops. With this insurance you can be sure that the purchase will be delivered and that it concerns legitimate, working software. Did you not receive your order or do you have a complaint? If so, please contact us first, but you can also contact TrustedShops to make use of your insurance. Would you like to know more? Read all about the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection.

This insurance is, of course, unnecessary. We are a company that has been active in the software industry for many years. We now have > 300,000 customers across several countries in Europe. Anyway, trust does not come automatically. Precisely with this insurance through an external, independent partner (Trusted Shops) you run 0.0 risk when you buy from us!

Money back guarantee

We're not just a company! No, Software Outlet is the oldest B2C seller of consumer software over the Internet. Since 2010, Software Outlet exists as a brand in the Netherlands and Belgium. And well, after 10 years you have built up a reputation and trust. Then customers know where to find you and you are a name in the market. And that's how it is! At Software Outlet, together with our sister companies, we have provided a total of 300,000 customers with software licences! And that's quite a bit.

We work with a team of more than 15 employees every day to deliver the best software at a competitive price. Do you have a question or would you like to know more about us? Contact us and we'll be happy to tell you!

We know what we do. And what we do, we do it well. But unfortunately, where people work, sometimes mistakes are made. That's why we promise you our "Not good, money back guarantee" before you buy. Do you receive a licence from us that does not work? Please contact us, show us that you have completed all the steps necessary to activate the software correctly and send us the error code / error message. We will give ourselves 1 chance to solve the error. E.g. with a new license. If this does not work, you may ask us to refund the purchase price. To do so, please contact our customer service department stating "Not good, money back" guarantee.