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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy?
At Software Outlet it is! And we will be happy to explain that to you. From the moment you visit our website you are in a well protected environment. Everything you do from that moment on (look, choose, buy) is 200% safe. Nobody from the outside can read what you are doing, impossible. The purchase you make takes place in the same safe environment. And because we deliver your purchase digitally, nothing can get lost in the mail. We don't send anything by post so it can't get lost in the distribution centre of Royal Mail, DHL or UPS. Even you can't lose your own order because you can always easily find it back in your own personal account. You can easily reach out to us using our contact page.

Do you supply legal software (licenses)?
We almost tend to shout "Of course! What a question!" but we understand why it's asked. There are so many webshops providing illegal junk and that justifies this question. Our answer (you can already feel it coming): yes. All our products have 100% legal licenses. We don't want anything to do with shadowy licences, unreliable resale and other obscure practices. And to assure you that the product key you buy from us is always valid and working, we buy it directly from the manufacturer. Only then do we know for sure that it's right. That is nice for us to know, but also for you as a customer.

But we are sure you have more questions. We are happy to answer them. We have put the most common questions here.

How do I recognise legitimate software?

Legal software is difficult to distinguish from illegal or half-legal offerings. It is important to activate ALWAYS in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer. NEVER deviate from this because it will invalidate the warranty and may block your license in the future.

Does my subscription start immediately after I have placed the order?

The purchase and activation of a license code are separated from each other. The license period does not start automatically after you have placed the order. You will receive a license code from us with which you can activate the software. When you activate the software is up to you. Our advice is to activate the license code as short as possible before or immediately after the subscription expires. 

Are remaining days included in a new subscription?

The advice is to renew your subscription shortly before or immediately after the current subscription expires. In this way you can be sure that none or few days will be lost. If you activate for Norton long before the end date, the remaining days will be lost.

If I have problems with the activation can I get help?

Yes, if you have a problem with the activation you can send an email to our customer service with your order number, the complete problem description and screenshots of what you have already done. We will find a solution for you so that you can get started quickly. Unfortunately, we cannot perform the installation on your computer unless you have subscribed to our up-to-date service.

How soon will my order be delivered?

We only supply our products digitally. A digital delivery is usually available for download, installation and activation immediately after payment.

I have placed an order with Software Outlet, but no delivery has been made yet. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service and we will get straight to work on it for you. Please enclose proof of payment in advance so we can help you quickly.

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